Our top 5 tips on using your oven correctly.

A Simple Guide To Using Your Oven Correctly

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It’s no secret that your oven is one of the most essential major appliances in practically any household.

However, despite that – most people don’t really think all too deep into how their oven should be used.

After all, it is pretty straightforward – prepare the dish, heat up the oven, throw it in, and wait until it’s ready.  

While that’s the general idea, there is something else that most people miss out on:  Proper maintenance!  

Maintaining an oven is almost comparable to maintaining one’s car.  If it’s not taken care of properly, you end up with a vehicle that breaks down.  This can leave you with a hefty bill to pay for repairs, or in extreme cases, a brand new car.  

Unfortunately, the same can be said for an oven.


Our Top Tips On Using Your Oven Correctly

Let’s face it – sometimes, you just need a bit of advice to save yourself from a broken down oven and extensive repair bill.

Below, the repair experts over at Top Appliance Repair Burnaby will cover our top tips on proper usage and maintenance to keep you oven running just like new.


1. Oven Rack Placement – Use The Middle If Uncertain

There is nothing more disappointing than pulling a beautiful golden-brown cake out of your oven only to find uncooked batter in the middle.  

To avoid mishaps like this, getting your rack-placement right is key.  

You may notice that there are 3 options to choose from: the top, middle, and lower racks. So how do you determine which one is the best for your dish?  

Hint: take a look at where the heat comes from!

Another quick glance will tell you that the heating elements are at the top and at the bottom of the oven. Dishes placed on the top rack will therefore have a crispier top.  Whereas those placed on the lower rack will have a bottom that is browner.  

Knowing this information, the middle rack seems like a safe bet to ensure even cooking.  So, if you want a dish that’s heated through and browned evenly – go for the middle.  


2. Foil On the Bottom For Less Of A Mess?

While this may sound like a good idea at first, it’s actually the opposite.  Lining the bottom of your oven with foil to prevent more clean-up will cause more problems than it is worth.  

The foil will form hotspots in your oven.  This will result in unevenly cooked food, much like that cake mentioned in the previous tip.   

Also, the foil can stick to the bottom of your oven as time passes.  Not only will this make repairs much more difficult, it will also probably void your warranty, thus, costing you more money down the line.  

Another important note is that in a gas oven, foil can actually block the circulation of air.  In severe cases, this can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. 

3. Clean Messes As Soon As Possible

“I’ll clean it later” – are some famous last words that people have uttered at one point or another in their lives.  

Unfortunately, leaving gunk from overflowing baked foods and other messes on the bottom of your oven is not something that should be cleaned “later”.  You can’t burn or bake them off as if it were a rack on a BBQ.  

The longer they are left to harden and cake on, the harder they are to clean!

And subsequently, the more damage this can cause to your oven.  Not cleaning off food residue can fully damage the heating elements and oven liner.  So, rather than putting it aside, wait for your oven to cool completely and clean up any bits and spills right after you use it.

4. Remove Oven Racks During Self-Cleaning

Having the self-cleaning function in an oven is a remarkable thing.  However, this doesn’t give you a free pass from cleaning the oven racks yourself. 

The racks should not be left in the oven during self-cleaning as the oven liner coating can be damaged.  

The high heat that the self-cleaning function produces can discolour the racks.  This can also cause the racks to become difficult to re-arrange or even remove altogether.  

Cleaning the racks themselves is simple: remove the racks from the oven before turning on the self-cleaning function. Then, clean them with a solution of baking soda and vinegar, and once they’re squeaky clean – return them to the oven after the self-cleaning is complete.

5. Clean The Gasket

Keeping the heat inside is equally as important as having a clean oven. This is where the gasket comes into play.

If you’re asking yourself what in the heck a gasket is – the gasket is the rubber seal around the door that keeps the heat inside the oven. 

Interestingly enough, it’s not something most people would think of having to keep clean and well-maintained.  However, if this gasket becomes damaged, heat can escape from the oven resulting in a longer cook time or food not being cooked enough due to uneven temperature.  

So how do you know if the gasket is damaged?  The easiest way to tell is if you see moisture on the inside of the glass window of the oven.  

So, to avoid losing heat, ensure that the gasket is kept clean and check its overall state once a month.  And if you find it cracked, peeling, torn, or otherwise damaged – replace the gasket as soon as possible.

Need Help With Your Oven?

Top Appliance Repair Burnaby is happy to help you with your appliances whether it is help with general maintenance or oven repair services in Burnaby.  

Our skilled technicians service the entirety of Burnaby, BC as well as New Westminster, Coquitlam, Simon Fraser University, Brentwood, and other surrounding areas across Metro Vancouver.  We are available 7 days a week to help you get your appliances back to tip-top shape efficiently and affordably.

To get a quote and book a same-day or next-day appointment, fill out a quick online form or give us a call at 778-655-4689.

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