what does the NF code mean on your washer

What Does The NF Error Code Mean On Your Washer?


If you’ve found this post, you’re probably at wits-end dealing with an NF error code. It isn’t the worst error that you could deal with, and it might be an easy fix. Before taking a close look at what the NF error code is and how to fix your washer, you should review the user manual for your washer and get yourself oriented with the different components of your washing machine to ensure thorough troubleshooting.

how to fix the washing machine NF code
If your clothes are coming out dry from the washer - a not filling error may just be the culprit!

What Does NF Mean?

NF stands for “no fill” to indicate that the machine cannot be safely filled up with water. You’ll run into an NF code when your washing machine has spent a total of 15 or more minutes trying to fill itself up without success. In most cases, the NF error code is prompted by easy-to-fix issues that can be remedied in as little as minutes.

How Do I Fix The NF Error Code?

Before you get started, keep in mind that NF stands for no fill, and your goal will be to identify what’s preventing it from filling.

Begin by unplugging your washer; if a leak were to occur, you could damage any active electrical components. After the machine is shut off completely, you can check the most logical cause of the problem, which would be the water connection. Turn the water all the way off behind the machine and then back on to ensure that water is running to the washer correctly. Next, you should check the hoses for any kinks to make sure a small bend isn’t causing a total blockage. After these steps, you can try to turn on your machine again and check to see if the error persists.

This next step is a little bit more advanced and takes a little bit more preparation. If you’ve tried everything and you’re still running into the NF error code after the first round, you’ll need to start again by unplugging the machine and pulling it away from the wall. Try turning off the hot and cold water connections again, and this time you’re going to want to remove them from the back of your washing machine. Carefully unscrew each one while holding a bucket underneath to catch any excess water that may have still been in the hoses.

We’re now going to check the valve screens, which are special filters that prevent limescale buildup from reaching the rest of the machine. On the inside of each valve on the back of your washing machine, there should be a small mesh or screen to catch the fine particles carried in by water. If it’s not too bad, you can easily brush out any debris with a small cloth. Some of these screens are fully removable and can be cleaned outside of the washer’s valves. After washing them, you can re-attach the filters and the hoses then try to turn your machine on again.

Closing Thoughts

The worst-case scenario may be a total blockage in your valves, or simply a faulty valve. If troubleshooting doesn’t clear your error code, you should contact an appliance repair professional that specializes in fixing appliances that display an NF error code.


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