what does the F21 code mean on your maytag washer?

What Does The F21 Error Code Mean On Your Maytag Washer?


If you’re here, you’re probably quite worried about your washer because you ran into the F21 error code with your Maytag washer. Luckily, it’s not the end of the world, and with a little bit of troubleshooting, you might be able to breathe new life into your seemingly broken washer.

What Does It Mean?

Error codes allow you to know what’s wrong with a machine. Depending on the error code, we could tell you that a piece of hardware, like the motor or pump, isn’t functioning as intended. Some error codes might even indicate that it’s not plugged in correctly.

In this particular case, error code F21 indicates an issue with your Maytag washing machine’s drain valve. When it takes eight or more minutes for a Maytag washing machine to drain, the device will tell its pipes to close, and you’ll be forced to troubleshoot.

Common Problems

Unfortunately, the F21 error can be one of the more frustrating codes to deal with for several reasons. Firstly, your washing machine will stop mid-cycle; if you’re not able to resolve the error, you’ll have soaking wet, dirty clothes that will need to be re-washed as soon as possible. To make it even more of a hassle, the door on the front of your washing machine will stay locked, so you can’t take your clothes out until the issue is resolved. Lastly, because it’s an error indicating that it’s having trouble draining, water won’t drain out; even if you managed to get the door open, you might end up flooding your laundry room floor.

a washing machine suffering from an F21 error
The F21 error can be a nuisance to deal with, but thankfully, it's an easy fix if you work with a professional appliance repair company!

Troubleshooting: Identifying The Problem And Possible Fixes

In the best cases of fixing an F21 error, the problem might be incredibly easy to identify. You can begin inspecting your dryer by pulling it away from the wall. Before you get started, for safety purposes, unplug the machine. On the backside, you should take a close look at the drain hose. If the drain hose is kinked or clogged, it might prompt an error code. You can try giving it a gentle shake or straighten it out to see if it will work afterward. Another common cause is by not following the guideline of using a high-efficiency detergent, which can cause suds to create a blockage in the drain hose.

Afterward, plug your washer back in and try rerunning it. If the issue remains, and you can hear the gentle whir of the washer’s pump, your problems might be with the water pump rather than the entire machine. Unplug your washer again and check the hose fittings around the pump and the electrical connections. Providing it’s all working correctly; you should be able to plug your machine in and turn it on again without any issues.

When all is done, and the power is on, re-select your cycle and hit start. If the F21 error re-appears after you’ve checked your water hoses and water pump, you should contact a professional that specializes in the repair and maintenance of Maytag washers. You may need to budget in the cost of a new pump or hoses in the event it isn’t working.


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